Thursday, September 6, 2007

the 1st one ....the Labourer's kid

Today(6Th Sept,2007) in the mid afternoon ,when the sun rays and the rain were playing hide n seek.....i sat exhausted and tired, on my bike, in my college, cursing the pathetic weather.Its been weeks now the situation continues to be the same, neither raining heavily nor being full sunny.
I had nothing to do, bored forever, frustrated of myself, the weather outside, I sat thinking of myself, just then rays of light started to come from the grey clouds....soon it was yellow all over.....the butterflies started to wander over the flowers in (so called) the lawns.
Don't know why, but i somehow felt strange....and i saw one small kid, the one of the construction labourer playing along with our security guard. He was totally in his world....dancing, playing, laughing all around. He saw these butterflies in front him, amazed by them...he quietly tried to grab one....and to my surprise and to his surprise...the butterfly was in his two tiny little fingers...he was amazed and the same was the case with me. In a flash, the boy was jumping around, dancing, his innocent smile, the pride of achievement was bubbling on his face. Something which he never had dreamt of, was in his hands..the taste of winning of was depicting through his innocence. He called the guard and showed his catch. His expressions like" he had grabbed this butterfly with an ease and this is an achievement" got crushed when the guard ordered him to let the butterfly free...reluctantly he obeyed and the butterfly was nowhere.
This kid was not in the mood of giving up.....again he desperately tried to get hold of the other  following his previous way but no ,he didn't succeed....he tried again and again...cursing the butterflies, cursing himself, displaying different ways of frustration.
I looked at myself in the mirror....seeing my face  full of frustration and recollecting the child's innocence, depicting both, his sense of achievement and his frustration, exhaustiveness.
I realised the similar mood of mine and that of the kid's but the difference was in the expressions. His innocence depicted through his expressions, his cursing, his aggressiveness.....but i was quiet but still frustrated....trying to hide my frustration from others which around me.
The freedom of being a kid, ran through my mind and i saw a smile on my face.


Sneha said...

GOOD ONE... :)

KraZee said...

Very nicely written bro.. keep up the good work!