Monday, November 22, 2010


Sometimes it happens that Sachin shows his talent, his command over the game by just a mere 40 odd runs, you watch it and you feel what a cricketer he is. But at the same time the spectators sitting in the stadium may not feel the same, because they have come to watch Sachin play and he gets out by scoring that 40 odd runs. So for them it’s not a ‘Paisa Wasool’ innings. Today was the same case; just that here it wasn’t cricket. This was a film called Guzaarish. First of all let me clarify that I am not comparing Sachin to any film or its actors or directors. I am only citing an example of one being talented and genius and not getting his/her due for being that.

In a country like India where we refer the film industry as Bollywood (hilarious!!!) the main reason people (sorry public) watch a film is for the sake of entertainment. To be a successful and an audience’s film, it should have these ingredients; some masala( melodrama, larger than life characters) or some big stars or full on desi filmi hit music. The story, the performances, the direction and all the other relevant factors doesn’t really matter. And that’s why I greatly applaud the brave decision taken by Sanjay Leela Bhansali to make Guzaarish(and also Saawariya). You see the film and you can easily figure out that the Indian ‘public’ wouldn’t buy a ticket to watch this film. The simple reason being, no entertainment and no masala in it. And I guess Mr. Bhansali would also know this, so that is why I referred him as ‘brave’. Right from his first film Khamoshi to the current Guzaarish, you feel the artistic touch of Mr.Bhansali in his every film. In one of his interviews for Saawariya I remember him saying “I make films on the subjects which I feel, are good and not the subjects which the public feel would be good”. Black was a masterpiece, Saawariya was beautifully crafted and now Guzaarish is closer to Black.  I would say it’s not a film it’s a painting on a large canvas with multiple colors, multiple strokes gracefully embedded into it, and every color showing its presence and its feel. It is Mr. Bhansali’s art. Like Black it also goes beyond being than just a film. To comment on his direction is just getting some words together, constructing a sentence, putting it on paper and appreciating him. But no its beyond that and that can’t be expressed in words. When you see an artistic painting you not only appreciate the painter but there is a point where you are just into that painting. You are just deeply engrossed and observing the painting. Guzaarish was something like this.

The actors….I won’t call this as an act. Hrithik is presenting you exactly what Mr. Bhansali has in his mind. Hrithik’s eyes are the real actors in this film. They are lively, they show each and every emotion and they convey you the soul of Ethan. Akbar was a powerful role but Ethan is something beyond portraying the character. I would say the most prominent color which makes this painting an artistic masterpiece is Hrithik. Aishwarya excels though a not so big enough (in terms of the story) role for her. There is a different essence in their relationships which blends beautifully with the subject.  Rest all the actors have done their parts excellently.

The cinematography and the background score are like the garnishing agents which also add their value and make their presence feel. The lyrics are very poetic and apt.

Final word…there are some things which are to be applauded and appreciated. There is something beyond entertainment. Even though it won’t appeal to the masses but Mr. Bhansali,  and Hrithik, this film is for you and for you only. About the public…if they don’t like it, I pity them. For those who go with the masses I would still say ‘go and grab a seat and watch this magic, this mega painting and feel the emotions and be a part of the film’. Everything from acting, direction the story, dialogues, lyrics, the technicalities will make you involve in the film and you will feel as if you are also a part of them.

Bravo and cheers to Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Mr. Hrithik Rohsan.


akshay said...

Very Well said wa!!!!!!!!!

SomeRandomGuy said...

Haven't watched the film till date...but your review was compelling enough to make me want to watch it now.
Well written.